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CHEMfix start Road Marking Products & Road Safety Products formulating, producing and selling high quality road marking materials, equipment and accessories


Research Experts

We have developed an expert system that makes use of various kinds of knowledge organized as "if-then".....

CHEMfix Construction Chemical efforts are highly focused on producing products that meet already-identified customer’s needs. This applied-technology orientation dramatically increases the likelihood of the introduction of successful new products. In addition, CHEMfix its efforts to add value for customers with new products






The company was established in 2005 by high profile construction chemicals’ manufacturers and suppliers. The objective of the company is to provide its customer best possible products based on the latest construction techniques for saving time, money and misery. The well qualified teams behind the company possess rich experience of carrying out numerous civil engineering projects.

CHEMfix   construction chemicals is a  UK Owned, Pakistan & Nigeria Operated Company , products are a comprehensive range of construction chemicals from basement to roof for all types of building construction residential houses & building, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Projects , Infrastructure projects, etc.. 

On parking structures, commercial and industrial buildings, bridge decks, highways, concrete block walls and many other types of projects. Producers and contractors depend on  CHEMfix  construction products to ensure they get the job done on time, achieve the desired specification, to protect the structure. Our products enhance the value of your product or building and can be used on new construction or in the repair of older structures to increase the service life of any application. At  CHEMfix , we have applied our global knowledge of cement, concrete and masonry construction to develop a full line of construction chemicals which are chosen by knowledgeable, experienced contractors worldwide.

With honesty, integrity & the commitment to excellence,CHEMfix Construction Chemicals strives to achieve highest customer satisfaction. Our goal is to become a world-class company with long term success.

Along with our products, we also provide expert services through support teams committed to serving valued customers throughout its regions. Our team members are well trained to be experts in solving all problems, needs, and concerns.